Sunday, March 10, 2013

Project Life continues

I am probably one of the worst PL scrappers ever.

And I mean ever.

I don't do monthly, nor weekly- just occasion based. And even then, I think I've gotten up to 6 pages for 2013. I guess I don't want to take pics of just anything. I want my PL to be extra special. Recording only those events that are, well, just that. Extra Special.

So I did a few more: Kamini's birthday, Ameena's akad nikah (Malay wedding ceremony) and my strange though enlightening meeting with Devlen.

Kamini's 28th Birthday
With Ameena's son, Rifqi
Ameena's akad
with Devlen
I find I rely less and less on the core kit journaling cards. I find them, frankly rather boring and unimaginative. I prefer cutting down patterned paper to the required size. Its a good trick though. Now I know that for future PL use, just buy the binder! The other stuff's pretty useless. I guess it works more for beginner crafters or people who just haven't the patience to cut and embellish.