Sunday, June 26, 2011

Commissions, commissions... and then some!

Had a lot of commission work to finish these past few weeks. Sharing with you some of the ones which are relatively safe to share (not too personal!) and some cards I just made for fun! I've received some really awesome stamps this past week. My orders from Oxford Impressions and Stamps of Life arrived (although one set seems to have been waylaid and I still check the mail everyday for it!) and Alvin has dutifully brought another 3 set of Sheena Douglass U-mount Create-a-scene stamps made for Creative Expressions. The sets have vastly enlarged my cardmaking scope. I am just so pleased with them I haven't gotten round to breaking them all in!

Anyway, without further ado!

1) Cheers! Using the Pub set of the U-Mount Create-A-Scene series.
They are quite simple but the masking and use of three different stamps as well as the lovely embossing packed a punch. Quite like these even though I had to make five and was rather bored at the end!

2) Using the Cake2Build set and Wishes4Birthday (I think that's what it's called! hehe) set from the Stamps of Life I made this birthday card just for fun. I wouldn't usually pick up plain stamps like these from the stores but after watching Stephanie Barnard of SOL show how using the stamps in different ways can make such adorable cards; I was sold! It's so cute!

3) This simple card was made using my new Oxford Impressions Beau Monde stamp set. The quality of these stamps are so good- they create such crisp images with hairline detailing. Would definitely recommend these!

4) Last but not least, the card I made for Dots that I just love! It uses a fountain stamp from the Regency U-mount Create-a-scene stamp set and the dancing couple from the Jane Austen Oxford Impressions stamp set. A bit of masking, distressing, die-cutting and stamping and voila! I have to try this in different colours!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stamper Obsession

I take a break from my usual posting of card creations to talk about my love for stamps; all stamps. To put it crudely, I am a regular ‘stamp slut’. I have no loyalty to any one brand and sometimes, though I love a particular designer, I many not necessarily like the stamps they peddle. I used to think I was more a vintage girl- preferring sketched images of historical fashion and furniture but I soon found the versatility of having more cutesy, cartoon designs or sometimes just random flowers, birds and houses.

I do so love Crafter’s Companion – they carry the wonderful Sheena Douglass stamps I adore as well as the Peter Rabbit series. Also for my sketchy, vintage look needs I turn to Artistic Outpost- a small mom-and-pop kind of outfit where the stamps are designed and made in their home. The best part about finding such makers is that you can be sure they make designs they like and not just to suit the masses. There’s also a nice ‘exclusivity’ element because they are not so widely available. Similar to Artistic Outpost is Oxford Impressions. Designer Suzanne Melvin creates gorgeous vintage-inspired stamp sets. I’ve been coveting these sets for yonks now and finally got the nerve to order them. They should be on the way to me as I type and I am crossing fingers they make through the mail ok! I’ll of course, be crafting with them as soon as they arrive to show you.

For fresher, cutesy designs I do love Penny Black’s range of animal stamps. The quality of the stamps mean that any ink- chalk, pigment, anything- works great. Also, because I am a bit of a cheapie, I get really cute stamps sets from UK craft mags. Papercraft Monthly, Cardmaking Magazine and some other’s which the name currently eludes me (hehe). I have gotten a nice Popcorn the Bear, Henry the Hedgehog and Pink Petticoat Stamp sets from these mags just to name a few. I love watching Stephanie Barnard on the Stamps of Life and have just ordered some of her stamps as well which should be on the way as well.

My main rule is to not have any loyalty rules when purchasing stamps. I buy what I like no matter the brand. I have recently tried a set of Crafty Secrets and was blown away by the quality and crispness of the image produced. I’ve had some not so great stamp sets (won’t name them here so it was a very welcome addition). Even a brand like Fiskars which is more popular for their scissors and cutters, I’ve found make great stamp sets. I’ve got just one from them and I do love it so it does help to be as exploratory and adventurous when it comes to trying new stamp brands!

My stamp collection is not nearly as large as I’d like it to be- but I love the few that I have because I bought it for the right reasons and not just out of loyalty to a particular brand. I’ve always been that way about most things even doll collecting.

Mix, mingle and most of all, enjoy your stamps!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Picture Perfect

I had a whole set of Thomas Kinkade postcards from a calendar set last year that I thought would make brilliant centrepieces for a card. I love how the painting just steals the entire show. Thomas Kinkade is an American artist who paints gorgeous English cottage and countryside scenes! He also has a range of Christian Motivational quotes and scriptures to accompany some of his art in books and puzzles.

Sounds like free advertising but if you do like Kinkade's work, do check out his gallery in Bangsar Village II! Even if you don't have RM5000 lying about for a painting, you can buy calendars, jigsaws, books, mugs (sometimes) and canvas prints for under RM500. I am always all for supporting the Arts!
Thomas Kinkade Cottage Card (made specially for someone I love!)

When the Moon Hits your Eye like a Big Pizza Pie...

That's Amore!

I still remember Sunday's with Dad. Riding in the car listening to Dean Martin as I ate some cake or ice-cream and thought of all the nice places we were going to go and the presents I'd get! Yes, I was very spoilt, and pampered but so terribly Loved!

So in the spirit of Love, the Filial and the not-so-filial, I made this. I know- clich├ęd red and pink- but I am a girly girl after all!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The next commission

Another commission... Friend really liked the stamp on the card I ruined so I thought I'd try again. Really like how this one turned out. Especially the scalloped edges done with a cheap craft scissors! Who'd've thought?


A new pop-up for my nephew. Now just to hope it makes it through international post in one piece! :-D
(the black marks aren't on the card. Thts what I did with Paint to blot out what I wrote inside!)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Icon

Anyone who's seen My Fair Lady with the iconic Audrey Hepburn will remember her in two scenes- as the grimy, uncouth flower girl singing about lots of chocolates to eat and later as the almost sophisticated socialite at the Ascot Race.

What a treat it was when artist Sheena Douglass recreated Eliza Doolittle in a set of rubber stamps! I ordered these straight from the UK and there's just no end to how much I love them!

1) The Flower Girl- This was done much earlier when I first got the stamps. Painstakingly coloured with watercolour pencils but just so gorgeous. This was before I got my Big Shot so no fancy die-cuts or embossing. Just good ol' rubber stamping and punchers.

2) The Ascot Race- This gorgeous dress will forever live in the hearts of musical enthusiasts. It was just gorgeous beyond words. One look at it and you'll know- My Fair Lady- Audrey-Eliza. I thought the black on white may be a little boring so I used purple instead though for some reason the markers show up as blue in these pictures. I made this today once I had calmed down. Definitely much better than the earlier cards. I love the little chipboard used at the bottom- it also came free with Cardmaking Magazine- the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Chipboard tag set.

Ascot Eliza is available for purchase- RM10 (USD 3.50) +P&P

In a cardmaking Rut

Fell into a bit of rut today and produced two not-so-great cards. Was slightly troubled and it showed in my cardmaking. Atleast now I know that I need to free my mind when crafting. Peace is oh so important!

Nonetheless, I am putting these up for you to see. I really like the Sheena Douglass Tudor street stamp and I hope to use it better next time and seriously do it justice!

This was just an absolute disaster. The wrong choice of frame colour made much worse by the harsh black outlining. I spoilt a perfectly good sheet of patterned paper. Hopefully this doesn't happen again!This is the gorgeous stamp. I had so much in mind and it just fell short. I wanted it to look like a pub scene and could be used for people wanting to catch up over drinks. It was actually Sheena Douglass' Bah! Humbug stamp set which is, as you can guess a Christmas stamp. If you look closely you'll see the words 'Scrooge and Marley' on one of the signposts but the scene as a whole could be used for many ideas and there's no reason to stifle it to Christmas. I have to give this another go. I also love the watercolour effect of the Distress ink (in Vintage Photo) here- just add water and voila! No need for colouring.

With Love- From the Hundred Acre Wood- Pt 2

As I did mention in the previous post, I was thinking of doing an entire Pooh set, so here it is! I've finished Tigger and Eeyore. I couldn't find similar patterned paper in orange so this piece from my new Diary of An Edwardian Lady Paperpack (FOC with Cardmaking UK Monthly!) had to suffice.

They're very simple and follow the standard styling of the earlier two with some variations. I figured why mess with a good thing. :-)