Monday, July 18, 2011

I have not gone!

I haven’t updated in awhile due to; firstly the camera battery charger going suddenly missing. It was upsetting and a right pain trying to find a replacement but I managed to rope in the help of a more technologically savvy significant other and finally got a workable replacement (A few of the cards I created in the time have unfortunately just gone to the recipients without being photographed); and secondly, I’ve also started doing scrapbook layouts as opposed to just cards. I have done these before but there is a marked difference in how much I’ve progressed! I must add that scrapbooking is a completely different ball game and I won’t be posting my layouts online just yet- not just because I need more practice but also as some of them have very personal anecdotes and pictures.

As I unfortunately have no card eye candy for you at the moment- suffice to say I will be rectifying this deficit very soon! I have in no way abandoned my crafty-ness! (lol) If anything, I have told myself I need to do atleast one crafty thing a night no matter whether it’s a workday or not! It will ensure that I have the practice I need and the escape for sanity that is so important when you’re a stressed out worker! So whether it’s a scrapbook page or a card, tonight I’ll be stamping.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Proud member of Stamps of Life!

I am finally a proud member of Stamps of life. My first club set should be on it's way but of course I've already got a few sets I purchased prior. Scroll down to see my cake card with an SoL set!

I also made this FFAAASST card for our intern Kari who was leaving and she loved it. Can't wait for the monthly goodies. If you want to find out more about this awesome stamp club- click the link on the right!